Vegetarian menu

Vegetarian menu at Sizzler (available from September 27 till October 5, 2011)
21 September 2011
Enjoy mouth-watering all-veggies dishes during J Festival from September 27 till October 5 at 39 Sizzler outlets nationwide at Bt179. J diners can replace buttered toasts with grilled assorted vegetables with the choices of zucchini, yellow and red capsicum with rich and flavorful gravy.
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Sizzler taking it all the way to the first Fancy Tomatoes Farm in Thailand
18 May 2011
Sizzler with NokAir held a trip for health lover: media and celebrities to Chiangmai for the brilliance of the first Fancy tomatoes farm by the Royal Project.
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Happy Songkran’s Day
8 April 2011
Sizzler presents you the special menu for Family day during Songkran’s festival, Songkran’s Celebration Set serving you with 4 types of Sizzler’s recommended steak, you can also enjoy the blended fruit juice to sparking your summer season at Sizzler during 13-17 April 2011.
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Valentine's Day celebration at Sizzler
14 February 2011
Sizzler welcomes the Valentine’s Day festival from 12-14 February 2011 with a special dessert menu namely “Chocolate Warm Love”.
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