‘Secial menu for Mother’s Day’
23 Jul 2014
Sizzler introduced ‘Grilled Rainbow Trout with Lemon & Dill Sauce’ the special menu for Mother’s Day. Enjoy this special recipe from Sizzler at every Sizzler branch from 8-12 August, 2014.

‘Sizzler’s Lunch Special’
6 June 2014
Sizzler introduced ‘Sizzler’s Lunch Special’, offering deliciousness for your special lunch at the price of 175-199 baht only. The promotion is available every Monday to Friday starting from opening time to 2 pm.

Sizzler introduced Teriyaki Chicken Steak, tempting menu with Japanese taste
28 March 2014
Sizzler new menu ‘Teriyaki Chicken’ is the new juicy chicken steak cooked in Teriyaki Sauce giving Japanese flavor and served with baked garlic and butter rice providing premium taste,only from today to 30 June 2014 at every Sizzler Branch.

Sizzler launches Valentine’s Day’s Promotion
5 February 2014
Sizzler celebrates Valentine’s 2014” event to introduce “Strawberry & Cream”, special love menu made from fresh strawberries from the Royal Project